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About CliPLab

CliPLab is a training initiative of Cytel, a renowned name for statistical software and services in clinical trials domain. The objective of CliPLab is to build a community of qualified and dynamic clinical trials professionals by grooming young graduates aspiring to create a mark in the domain.

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Cytel’s CliPLab (Clinical Professional Laboratory) is already well known for conducting Practical Internship for SAS® Programming careers in India as well as abroad. CliPLab is now offering Online Practical Internship programs in SAS® Programming. Be a part of our growing business by referring candidates from US and UK for online internship. This program aims at giving practical exposure to trained SAS® profiles residing abroad. The program is supported by experienced professionals at Cytel, India. This program will assist individuals and professionals seeking out new initiatives to work on and grow. CliPLab seeks interest from eligible partners who can refer potential profiles for this program.

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Students' Testimonials

Before joining Clip lab, I was in a confused state whether to come to clinical SAS field or to continue as a Dental Surgeon. But later, I got a clear idea and confidence of what is clinical SAS and how it will excel my career. Training staff and Administration together paved my path very well. The projects given there helped me to be strong at basics and also learn new concepts. I take this opportunity to thank the entire Cliplab team for their support throughout.

Dr. V Durgaprasad M
Organization: Cytel
Designation: Project Trainee
Training Qualification: BDS
Program Joined: C-STAR Clinical SAS Training And Project readiness

Dr. V Durgaprasad M
I had very good experience at ClipLab. I experienced that if you have passion to do something, you can do it. Cliplab helped me to achieve my goals through quality projects and great mentors.

Manpreet Kaur
Organization- CyteL
Designation- Project Trainee
Qualification- M.Sc(Botany)
Program Joined: Clinical SAS Training and Clinical Programming Internship Using SAS

Manpreet Kaur
It was wonderful having such an expertise staff during my term at cytel and I was so satisfied in all aspects like training, internship and the team who supported me. I will definitely refer someone anyhow to get in Cliplab, as I can see a bright future for all those who already been through the Cliplab.

Jayanth Srivastav Pashikanti
Organization: Cytel
Designation: Project Trainee
Qualification: Bachelors of Pharmacy
Program Joined: Clinical SAS Training and Clinical Programming Internship Using SAS

Jayanth Srivastav Pashikanti
I feel like I learned much more during six months at my SAS course and internship in CliPLab. Exercises, material, exams and case studies framed by CliPLab were really helpful to me. The benefits of an internship are truly endless. Internships are a glimpse of what you can expect once you enter the real world after course. I would have never had the opportunity to experience an internship without the help of Cliplab. The projects in internship made me to understand the scenario of real-time environment, to develop logical knowledge, debug errors and to submit the project in the given time with less possible mistakes. In one word to say it gave me a new life and helped to make my dreams come true.

Venkataramana Patteda
Organization : Cytel
Designation : Project Trainee
Qualification: M. Sc.
Program Joined: Clinical SAS Training and Clinical Programming Internship Using SAS

Venkataramana Patteda
If you will not take the risk of accepting challenges how would you know the real you. I am very passionate about new challenges and this is one of turning life challenge for me being non clinical domain I had decided to enter in one of the growing clinical domain. This is my best decision in life CSTAR internships genuinely help in exploring knowledge in clinical domain. I would recommend this internship to everyone who really wants to build career in SAS programming in clinical domain along with real time experience. Heartily thanks cliplab for reaching up to my destination.

Rohit Tarlekar
Organization: Quintiles India Pvt Ltd.
Designation: Statistical Programming Technician.
Qualification: BE Information Science.
Program Joined: C-STAR Clinical SAS Training And Project Readiness

Rohit Tarlekar

Clinical Programming Courses using SAS® 9.4

Clinical Programming Using SAS® 9.4

This course covers the fundamentals of clinical operations and gives practical exposure to SAS® Programming with case studies.

Clinical Programming Internship Prime Using SAS® 9.4

A vital exposure in analytics concerning all phases of Clinical trials. Supervised by experienced clinical SAS® programmers with exposure to global clients including large Pharma and Biotech companies.

Clinical Trials Domain Overview

This 5-day training program aims to equip the participants with basic knowledge about the Clinical Trials Domain. Participants get exposure to a variety of topics ranging from an overview of drug development to essential documentation for Clinical Trials, thereby getting ready to work on projects with confidence.

C-STAR Prime: Clinical SAS® Programming and Project Readiness

C-STAR Prime, 9 months an integrated program aimed at providing a comprehensive training to candidates seeking entry-level jobs in Clinical SAS® programming. C-STAR Prime intends to give you an absolute advantage over fresh graduates seeking entry level jobs in the industry.

C-CAP:Clinical SAS® Career Advancement Program

The Clinical SAS Programming team at Cytel India is growing by leaps and bounds. In Calendar 2013 we added 100 people, and the strong growth continues. Apart from Cytel’s current locations of Pune and Hyderabad, we have begun building delivery teams in Bangalore and Navi Mumbai.

Online Internship Program – SAS® 9.4

This program is designed specifically to provide internship online to all overseas candidates. The course covers different aspects of clinical trials analytics workflow.

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