Online Internship

Why take this Program – C-CAP Lite ?

C-CAP Lite is a variant of C-CAP that allows candidates trained in SAS seek practical and theoretical skills that are essential to succeed in the Clinical Programming field. The candidates undergo the same proven and rigorous curriculum that is provided to C-CAP participants. The only difference is that C-CAP Lite candidates do not get a training in SAS programming. This enables SAS trained professionals to leverage their existing skills and build on top of that the knowledge and skills imparted by C-CAP.

What is the requirement?

The drug development service industry is facing a severe shortage of skilled resources, despite an ever-growing pool of young professionals trained in SAS®.

The shortage can be attributed to a number of factors:

  • Inadequate domain knowledge
  • Unavailability of end-to-end exposure to the clinical study process
  • Insufficient exposure to work environment
  • Varied level of competence in soft-skills area
  • C-CAP tries to hit the nail on the head by providing a platform where candidates can master the
    various skills that the industry expects from entry level professionals in Clinical SAS®.

Duration: 15 Months

Eligibility: Candidates are preferred from:

  • Life sciences (M.Pharm., B.Pharm., M.Sc.)
  • Statistics (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  • BE /BTech (Biotechnology,Bioinformatics,Computer Science)

Program Outline:

  1. Overview of Clinical Trials Domain                                                                5. Full-fledged Clinical Study Projects in a simulated environment
  2. Therapeutic Areas                                                                                                 6. An integrated soft-skills development module
  3. Standards for Clinical Data Interchange – SDTM and ADaM                7.  End-to-End Clinical Trials Process
  4. Mock Assignments covering use of SAS® during clinical trials             8. Statistics for use in Clinical Trial

Tool used: SAS® 9.4 Licensed software

Key benefits for the participant

    • A perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, practical training and professional grooming that helps you to become an experienced professional
    • Mentoring by the experienced professionals of Cytel Statistical Software & Services Pvt.Ltd
      Learn from the experts – renowned professionals who command authority in their respective fields
    • Opportunity to build a highly coveted profile that suits the market characterized by severe shortage of experienced man-power

Key benefits for the recruiters:

  • Program Tailored to suit the requirements of the industry – the program is part of Cytel’s strategic initiative to build a team of talented professionals to support its business growth
  • Possibility of quick ramp-up as the candidates are groomed on a variety of skills including technical skills, soft-skills and hands-on experience
  • Stringent selection criteria to ensure that only serious candidates are admitted


Program Highlights:

      • After successful completion of six months of training, students will be paid a stipend for
        the remaining duration
      • Fee can be paid in installments
      • Attractive Group Discount / Full Payment Incentive is Offered

Mode of Payment:

    • Payment can be done by Cheque/DD/Credit Card/Debit card/Online Transfer