The idea of CliPLab is an endeavor from Cytel India to help the community it is part of. In 2009, as Cytel’s Biometrics team began to grow strongly, we recognized the shortage of skilled and deployable talent in this sector and decided to address the need. The concerted efforts of Cytel’s India leadership led to inception of the idea for CliPLab – a forum that would help both recruiters and career aspirants. While the young graduates would get a platform to launch a meaningful career, the recruiters would benefit by getting dynamic, project-ready professionals that can become productive very quickly.

Our first course offering was SAS® programming in Clinical Trials. As we progressed on our journey, we discovered and tackled more challenges faced by the industry, by creating more course offerings. So far CliPLab has groomed more than 500 professionals. The number of courses offered has increased from one to eight.

CliPLab has also forged strong partnerships with academia and started offering SAS® programming to university students at an affordable fee. CliPLab also supports extensive professional statistics training by partnering with its associate (

Our early successes and challenges have strengthened our resolve to pursue new horizons that beckon. While the challenges are new, our passion and vision remain clear and sharp.